Nanion Webinars

November 2022 - Charge translocation reveals new insights into the transport mechanisms of human antiporters

221117 Kundji Slotboom Webinar     


Edmund Kunji (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
Title: Dissecting the charge movement in adenine nucleotide exchange by the mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier

Dirk J. Slotboom (Groningen University, The Netherlands)
Title: Interplay between lipid bilayer and protein in a membrane transport process

Session Abstract: 

Ion exchangers antiport different ion species across the membrane, depending on their natural electrochemical gradients. They contribute to cellular ion homeostasis and provide substrates to organelles for further metabolization. In session three of our Transporter Webinar Series 2022, Edmund Kunji and Dirk. J. Slotboom will present their recent work in this field, including data for the ATP/ADP carrier ANT1 and the electroneutral Na+/H+ exchanger NHA2.

Date: 17. November 2022 (Join Live or Access On-Demand)
Time: 10 AM EST, 4 PM CET

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