• FLEXcyte 96

    Cardiomyocytes cultivated on a flexible membrane
  • FLEXcyte 96

    Measure true cardiac contractility
  • FLEXcyte 96

    The complete setup fits on a lab benchtop
  • FLEXcyte 96

    Judge compound responses at a glance

FLEXcyte 96 - White paper Download


FLEXcyte 96 and CiPA:

White Paper FLEXcyteThe aim of continued global efforts is to contribute towards the development of next generation assays reducing false positive and false negative results within drug development.

One goal of the FLEXcyte 96 assay is to be more predictive and biologically relevant compared with the technologies/approaches that it putatively replaces in early drug discovery. Furthermore, investigating contractility while providing a cost-efficient and reliable yet easy-to-operate system with a higher throughput using standard 96-well dimensions is unmet until today.

In line with the ongoing efforts of the stem cell working group of the CiPA initiative, the data output, physiological relevance of endpoints within the aim of investigating contractility in a wholistic way (electrophysiology, force and calcium transient measurements), the FLEXcyte 96 will make a precious contribution.

FLEXcyte 96 Brochure

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