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Astrocytes - Analysing Potassium Currents

astrocytesicon pl   Patchliner data and applications:
Data are taken from Milligan C.J. et al., Nature Protocols, 2009, 4(2), 244-255

Left: Comparison of K+ current voltage relationships for rat astrocytes on the Patchliner (closed circles, n = 19) and on a conventional setup (open squares, n = 10). Currents were measured as a response to a voltage step protocol.
Right: Normalized K+ current amplitudes in rat astrocytes. Internal solution was changed to the same solution (K+, open circles, n = 7) or to one where Cs+ was substitued for K+ (Cs+,closed circles, n = 7). Currents were measured as responses to voltage steps from −100 mV to +40 mV.


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