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Dr. Carol Milligan - Statement about the Patchliner

icon pl   "In 2006 we purchased two of Nanion's very first Patchliner systems for our laboratories at the University of Leeds. We have been working with both systems very successfully for nearly four years now which is reflected in our recent high quality publications.
We operate both Patchliner systems on a daily basis, serving five different laboratories within the Faculty of Biological Sciences. Due to the diversity between the five groups, our Patchliners have been thoroughly put through their paces. This means that we have tested a large variety of different cells and a vast array of channel types, both endogenously and exogenously expressed. For example, we have investigated endogenous transient receptor potential (TRP) channels in human vascular smooth muscle cells and human synoviocytes. In addition, we have studied endogenous ion channels in primary astrocytes, human lymphoblasts and neutrophils, to mention a few.

Company Customers Carol 330The high data output has resulted in the production of an enormous amount of extremely good quality data using both native and primary mammalian cells. Our ability to make successful recordings from primary cells using the Patchliner is an extraordinary accomplishment, especially because the primary cell types that we work with are generally very difficult to record from using conventional patch clamp. Another impressive feature of this platform is its ability to perform routine intracellular perfusion which has enabled studies which might not have previously been attempted. We have also included our new technology as part of our annual 'Leeds Ion Channel Workshop' where it is well received. The Patchliner has turned out to be a show case project for us and has opened up new opportunities which I believe will play important roles in the future successes of research projects here in Leeds."

Dr. Carol Milligan, Research Fellow
Faculty of Biological Science, Leeds University, Leeds, UK

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