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2012 - DNA unzipping and protein unfolding using nanopores

icon pap   Port-a-Patch publication in Methods of Molecular Biology (2012)

Merstorf C., Cressiot B., Pastoriza-Gallego M., Oukhaled A.G., Bacri L., Gierak J., Pelta J., Auvray L., Mathé J.


Methods Mol Biol. (2012) 870:55-75


We present here an overview on unfolding of biomolecular structures as DNA double strands or protein folds. After some theoretical considerations giving orders of magnitude about transport timescales through pores, forces involved in unzipping processes … we present our experiments on DNA unzipping or protein unfolding using a nanopore. We point out the difficulties that can be encountered during these experiments, such as the signal analysis problems, noise issues, or experimental limitations of such system.

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