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16.06.2020 | Webinar: Functional studies on membrane transporters using the SURFE²R N1

Icon N1  SURFE²R N1 Webinar

Date: June 16. 2020, 4:00 PM CET (10:00 AM EDT)

200618 blog image Webinar Playback SURFE2R N1


Dr. Maria Barthmes (Product Manager, Nanion Technologies)
Dr. Andre Bazzone  (Application Scientist, Nanion Technologies)


SSM (solid supported membrane)-based electrophysiology employed by the SURFE2R instruments is a capacitive sensor-based method to detect membrane currents generated by low turnover proteins such as transporters and membrane pumps. By resolving protein activity in real time and label free it introduces the advantages of electrophysiology to the field of membrane transporters. During this webinar you will learn all about SSM-based electrophysiology and its applications.  

First, we discuss the basics and principles behind this technology in depth. Then we focus on practical topics, like preparation of samples and experimental workflows, and finally introduce some datasets to highlight the potential and possibilities for membrane transporter studies.aria will introduce SSM-based Electrophysiology going over basic features and principles of the method and have a look at experimental workflows.

Access the Q&A from the webinar here

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