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    Easy-to-learn all-in-one device, ideal for teaching and university research
  • SURFE²R N1

    Finally label-free functional assays for transporters available
  • SURFE²R N1

    High signal amplification compared to patch-clamp: transport & binding assays
  • SURFE²R N1

    The only instrument on the market for SSM-based electrophysiology
  • SURFE²R N1

    Turn-key system for efficient transporter protein analysis

2021 - Drug Effects on human Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger and Implications for Drug Development

Icon CE   FLEXcyte 96 and   Icon N1  SURFE²R N1 and   Icon 96SE   SURFE²R 96SE poster, Biophysical Society Meeting 2021  logo pdf   (1.3 MB)


The Na+/Ca2+-exchanger (NCX) plays an important role in cellular calcium homeostasis under physiological but also pathological conditions. The pharmacological potential and risks of NCX have been debated for many years. The consequences of changes in activity and mode of operation of NCX are still discussed. Mostly a potential beneficial effect of NCX reverse mode inhibition under ischemic conditions has been suggested. There is ongoing effort to find specific and direction-specific NCX inhibitors, but inadvertent NCX inhibition is usually not tested during drug development.

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