2000 - Stable integration of isolated cell membrane patches in a nanomachined aperture

icon pap  Port-a-Patch publication in Applied Physics Letters (2000)

Fertig N., Tilke A., Blick R.H., Kotthaus J.P., Behrends J.C., ten Bruggencate G.

APL (2000) 77(8):1218-20.


We present a method for integrating an isolated cell membrane patch into a semiconductor device. The semiconductor is nanostructured for probing native cell membranes for scanning probe microscopy in situ. Apertures were etched into suspended silicon-nitride layers on a silicon substrate using standard optical lithography as well as electron-beam lithography in combination with reactive ion etching. Apertures of 1 μm diam were routinely fabricated and a reduction in size down to 50 nm was achieved. The stable integration of cell membranes was verified by confocal fluorescence microscopy in situ.

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