2014 - Industrializing Electrophysiology: HT Automated Patch Clamp on SyncroPatch 96 Using Instant Frozen Cells

  Icon 96SE  SURFE²R N96 (predecessor model of SURFE²R 96SE) book chapter in Patch-Clamp Methods and Protocols

Polonchuk L.


Book chapter:
In: Patch-Clamp Methods and Protocols, Chapter 5 (2014) 81-92.


Patch-clamping is a powerful technique for investigating the ion channel function and regulation. However, its low throughput hampered profiling of large compound series in early drug development. Fortunately, automation has revolutionized the area of experimental electrophysiology over the past decade. Whereas the first automated patch-clamp instruments using the planar patch-clamp technology demonstrated rather a moderate throughput, few second-generation automated platforms recently launched by various companies have significantly increased ability to form a high number of high-resistance seals. Among them is SyncroPatch 96 (Nanion Technologies GmbH, Munich, Germany), a fully automated giga-seal patch-clamp system with the highest throughput on the market. By recording from up to 96 cells simultaneously, the SyncroPatch 96 allows to substantially increase throughput without compromising data quality. This chapter describes features of the innovative automated electrophysiology system and protocols used for a successful transfer of the established hERG assay to this high-throughput automated platform.

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