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Are you unable to attend this years event but still would like access to the scientific content presented?

For those attending live - plese feel free to join us at our virtual booth - Enter Here

We are happy to provide you with a copy of the presented material. Simply complete the form found on this page and tell us what content you would like us to send you.

  • Drug effects on human Na+/Ca2+ exchanger and implications for
    testing new drug candidates. 
  • Unattended Screening Workflow in a 384-well Automated Patch Clamp System 
  • Activation and Inhibition of Assay-Ready TRPA1 and TRPV Cells: An Automated Patch Clamp Study
Join Andrea Brüggemann for her talk [Live-Thursday 25.02 at 10AM EST]:
  • “The ABC and D of NMDA receptors as potential targets for the treatment of depression and chronic pain 
And our collaborators at Metrion will present our joint poster: 
    • Development and validation of ASIC1a ligand-gated ion channel drug discovery assays on automated patch clamp platforms 
    Nanion Exhibitor Presentation: (Video Presentation) [Live-Thursday 25.02 at 11:30AM EST]:
    • “Functional characterization of H+-coupled symport in reconstituted systems using the SURFE2R platform” Prof. Dr. Matthias Quick, Columbia University Medical Center
    • “Functional characterization of 309 human ASIC1a photo-crosslinking variants by automated patch-clamp" Dr. Nina Braun, University of Copenhagen

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