221117 nanion 1026x196 03Research Ins]i[ghts: Nanion’s Transporter Webinar Series 2022

Join us over the course of a year as we dive into a series of 3 sessions (a collection of scientific presentations/talks; representing academia & industry alike) scheduled across 2022. Whether you join us from an academic or industry setting, we invite you to join us a cross the course of the year to dive deep into all things transporters. Our aim is to provide a unique platform for researchers globally to share their work and engage in meaningful active discussions. All talks will be live and accessible on-demand upon completion of the scheduled event.

28.06.2022 - Structures and mechanism of the plant PIN-FORMED auxin transporter

Session Abstract: 

Plant transporters need to transport a broad spectrum of substrates across membranes to regulate growth, development, defense, and survival. Auxines were the first of the major plant hormones to be discovered. In session one of our Transporter Webinar Series 2022, Bjørn Panyella Pedersen and Ulrich Hammes will present structural and electrophysiological data from their collaborative work on the auxin influx carrier PIN8.

17.11.2022 - Charge translocation reveals new insights into the transport mechanisms of human antiporters

Session Abstract: 

Ion exchangers antiport different ion species across the membrane, depending on their natural electrochemical gradients. They contribute to cellular ion homeostasis and provide substrates to organelles for further metabolization. In session three of our Transporter Webinar Series 2022, Edmund Kunji and Dirk. J. Slotboom will present their recent work in this field, including data for the ATP/ADP carrier ANT1 and the electroneutral Na+/H+ exchanger NHA2.

06.05.2021 - Secondary transport inhibition and regulation by SSM-electrophysiology

Session Abstract: 

Secondary active transporters utilize existing concentration gradients in cells for the uphill transport of molecules. As the coupled substrates are typically ions, mostly sodium or protons, many of these transporters are electrogenic. Their characteristics can be investigated using electrophysiological techniques like SSM-based electrophysiology. In the second session of the Transporter Webinar Series we meet Christine Ziegler and Camilo Perez, who share their stories about using this technology to investigate inhibition and regulation of secondary active transporters.

12.10.2021 - Transporters in Drug Screening and Toxicity Testing

Session Abstract: 

Transport proteins and pumps are getting more established as drug targets. However, the set of available technologies for screening and hit validation is lean. In session four of the Transporter Webinar Series we hear from experts in the pharma field how SSM-based electrophysiology can support transporter drug screening as a potent tool.

23.09.2022 - Functional characterization and substrate binding kinetics of the Na+ cotransporters SGLT1 and GAT1

Session Abstract: 

In eucaryotes, sodium gradients are a common energy source to drive the uptake of a large variety of substrates. In the second session of our Transporter Webinar Series 2022, Andre Bazzone and Rocco Zerlotti will present new insights to Na+ dependent substrate translocation pathways. Studies on the sugar transporter SGLT1 and the neurotransmitter transporter GAT1 revealed detailed kinetic information from substrate induced, electrogenic pre steady-state reactions.

18.03.2021 - Understanding drug efflux – Small Multidrug Resistance Family - Stoichiometry and Specificity

Session Abstract: 

The transporters of the SMR family catalyze multidrug and toxin efflux in bacteria, energetically driven by proton influx. Not only are these proteins interesting in the context of novel antimicrobial strategies but due to their small size, they are valuable tools for a better understanding of transport mechanisms and substrate specificity.

In the first session of the transporter webinar series, we have the opportunity to learn from two experts in the field, Randy Stockbridge and Katherine Henzler-Wildman, about their approaches and insights working with this transporter family.

01.07.2021 - SSM-electrophysiology as a Tool for Uncovering Transporter Function

Session Abstract: 

Uncovering the substrates and mechanism of a transporter or demonstrating the functionality of a mutant or variant is a crucial aspect of comprehensive transporter research. In session three of the Transporter Webinar Series, Olga Boudker talks about structural studies on a glutamate transporter and how SSM-based electrophysiology supported her work. From Lars Jeuken we hear about the electrophysiological characterization of a metal transporter.

02.12.2021 - Structure and Function of Na+ and H+ dependent transporters

Session Abstract: 

Na/H exchangers are a important and diverse family of secondary active transporters. These proteins are crucial in pH, sodium and volume homeostasis, dysfunction is critical in eukaryotes and procaryotes alike. In the final session of the Transporter Webinar Series David Drew and Matthias Quick share some of their research on the structure and function of this transporter family.  

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