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09.01.2018: Frontiers Research Topic Ebook "Ion channel screening: advances in technologies and analysis"

In this Research Topic Frontiers wants to provide an up-to-date collection of the latest developments and improvements in ion channel screening; defining the cutting edge and indicating further developments required in the future.

This e-book is free for download.

 Table of content:

  • Ion channel screening: advances in technologies and analysis (Marzia Martina)
  • State-of-the-Art Automated Patch Clamp Devices: Heat Activation, Action Potential, and High Throughput in Ion Channel Screening (Sonja Stoelzle, Alison Obergrussberger, Andrea Brüggemann, Claudia Haarmann, Michael George, Ralf Kottenhofen and Niel Fertig)
  • Neurons on a chip – toward high throughput network and pharmacology investigations (John Michael Nagarah)
  • From Understanding Cellular Function to Novel Drug Discovery: The Role of Planar Patch-Clamp Array Chip Technology (Christophe Py, Marzia Martina, Gerardo A. Diaz-Quijada, Collin C. Luk, Dolores Martinez, Mike W. Denhoff, Anne Charrier Tanya Comas, Robert Monette, Anthony Krantis, Naweed I. Syed and Geoffrey A.R. Mealing)
  • The Importance of Being Profiled: Improving Drug Candidate Safety and Efficacy Using Ion Channel Profiling (Gregory J. Kaczorowski, Maria L. Garcia, Jocob Bode, Stephen D. Hess
    and Umesh A. Patel)
  • Automated Electrophysiology Makes the Pace for Cardiac Ion Channel Safety Screening (Clemens Möller and Harry Witchel)
  • Toward a New Gold Standard for Early Safety: Automated Temperaturecontrolled hERG Test on the PatchLiner (Liudmilla Polonchuk)
  • Screening Action Potentials: the Power of Light (Lars Kaestner and Peter Lipp)
  • Targeting GIRK Channels for the Development of New Therapeutic Agents (Kenneth B. Walsh)
  • Finding inward rectifier channel inhibitors: why and how (Marcel A.G. van der Heyden)
  • Discovery, Characterization, and Structure-Activity Relationships of an Inhibitor of Inward Rectifier Potassium (Kir) Channels with Preference for Kir2.3, Kir3.X, and Kir7.1 (Rene Raphemot, Daniel F. Lonergan, Thuy T. Nguyen, Thomas Utley, L. Michelle Lewis, Rashin Kadakia, C. David Weaver, Rocco Gogliotti, Corey Hopkins, Craig W. Lindsley and Jerod S. Denton)
  • Voltage- and Temperature-Dependent Allosteric Modulation of α7 Nicotinic Receptors by PNU120596 (Fabrio Sitzia, Jon T. Brown, Andrew D. Randall and John Dunlop)

Download here


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