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08.08.2019: Meet Nanion's Support & Service Team

Our people make a difference! As a leading provider of automated patch clamp, Nanion Technolgies brings together the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds to build a company that is truly agile and focused on providing thorough levels of support in all aspects of ion channel analysis, membrane transporter research, drug discovery and extracellular recording techniques. Our experts are located in Europe, USA and Asia.

First row from left to right: Dr. Sonja Stoelzle-Feix (Munich), Dr. Conrad Weichbrodt (Munich), Dr. András Horváth (Munich), Meghana Bhat Subray (Munich), Sarah Tahir (USA), Dr. Claudia Haarman (Munich), Dr. Tom Alexander Goetze (Munich), Dr. Anatoly Shcherbatko (USA), Arnel Babovic (Munich), Ulrich Thomas (Munich).

Second row from left to right: Dr. Maria Barthmes (Munich), Dr. Andre Bazzone (Munich), Nina Brinkwirth (Munich), Dr. Markus Rapedius (Munich), Dr. Nadine Becker (Munich), Dr. IIka Rinke-Weiß (Munich), Dr. Patrick Mumm (Munich), Maria Giustina Rotordam (Munich), Kenneth Andersen (Munich), Denny Huang (China).

Third row from left to right: Dr. Elena Dragicevic (Munich), Søren Friis (Copenhagen), Krisztina Juhász (Munich), Dr. Martin Hampl (Munich), Dr. Alison Obergrussberger (Munich), Rasmus Gönner (Munich), Andy Di (China), Dr. Ronald Knox (Munich), Mohamed Ramadan Atta (Munich), Lance Liu (China).

Fourth row from left to right: Atsushi Ohtsuki (Japan), Takayuki Oka (Japan), Mitsuyoshi Shimane (Japan), Dr. James Costantin (USA), Rodolfo J. Haedo (USA), Dr. George O. Okeyo (USA), Dr. Alexander Polster (USA), Dr. Tim Strassmaier (USA), Leo Angelo Morada (USA).

With an international team comprised of highly skilled and motivated scientists and service engineers. We have a team-based, collaborative approach that ensures we always involve the person best equipped to assist you. We guarantee our clients one of their best service and support experiences.
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