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08.05.2020: Live Cell Monitoring and Hypoxia using CardioExcyte 96

Live Cell Monitoring and Hypoxia

The oxygen (O2) concentration at normal atmospheric pressure is around 20–21% . The O2 levels in a healthy body ranges from 14% in the alveoli to 5% in peripheral tissues .

In pathological situations the O2 levels are lower (hypoxia), this especially occurs in tumor tissue, which is characterized by markedly low O2 levels that range from approximately 4% to a minimum of below 0.5%. Br J Radiol. 2014 Mar;87(1035):20130676.

In live cell monitoring assays, the O2 concentration is an important parameter that needs to be controlled, particularly when working with tumor cells or when analyzing the effects of hypoxia.

200805 blog image hypoxia 1
Source: Oxygen Conditions in Various Surroundings accessed 08.05.2020

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