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05.06.2020: Are you struggling with monitoring your cells' activities?

Monitoring your cells' activities

The CardioExcyte 96 assays allows you to sensitively and continuously capture dynamics of cell physiology over minutes to days. Label-free and in real-time. Whether you work in virology, oncology, cardiac safety or any other field where you need to investigate morphology changes, viability, or cell-cell interactions:
The CardioExcyte 96 & FLEXcyte 96 technology provides not only higher throughput, but also allows the automatic analysis of many parameters which can reveal subtleties of your specific cell type!he ongoing SARS-CoV2 outbreak has developed into a global pandemic. Despite previous outbreaks of SARS-CoV and the related MERS-CoV in recent years, neither a vaccine nor any other medication for an effective treatment are currently available. Endo-lysosomal two-pore cation channels have now emerged as potential novel targets for SARS-CoV treatment.

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