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03.08.2020: Free Application Note - NaV1.5-ΔKPQ late INa current properties and pharmacology

Activation and inactivation of peak currents of NaV1.5-ΔKPQ

What you will learn:

  • Peak and late INa could be reliably recorded from NaV1.5-ΔKPQ expressing HEK cells without pharmacological enhancement; which could potentially interact with test compounds.
  • Late INa from NaV1.5-ΔKPQ was more potently inhibited by ranolazine and mexiletine than peak NaV1.5-ΔKPQ or WT peak currents.
  • Using the SyncroPatch 384i automated patch clamp system in combination with the NaV1.5-ΔKPQ cell line provided a reliable high throughput CiPA-compliant cardiac safety screening assay without the need for openers such as ATX-II.

Download the Application Note



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