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The patch clamp technique is the gold standard for real-time investigation of ion channels.

The automation of the patch clamp method was made possible with the development of the chip-based planar patch clamp technology. Automated patch clamp increases throughput and ease of use compared to the conventional patch clamp technique making it accessible to a wider audience.

Nanion's planar patch clamp devices:

icon pap   The Port-a-Patch is a semi-automated device with a small footprint for the analysis of ion channels in cells and lipid bilayers.

icon pl   The Patchliner is an automated patch clamp robot for medium thoughput with ultimate flexibility for assay design.

icon sp96   The SyncroPatch 384PE is a high-throughput patch clamp instrument which can be upgraded to the SyncroPatch 768PE with a throughput of 20,000 and 40,000 datapoints per day, respectively.

Download our eBook; Patch Clamp Made Easy

Interested in Solid Supported Membrane (SSM): Measuring transporter currents?

Icon N1The SURFE²R N1 is a medium throughput device, designed for basic research and Universities.

Icon 96SEThe SURFE²R 96SE is a high throughput device, integrated into the CyBio Felix liquid handling platform.

Watch Our Webinar on Transporter Characterization:

Did you know...

Impedance and Extracellular Field Potential recordings are non-invasive "label-free" methods and ideally suited to analyze cell motility and action potentials of excitable, intact cultured cells, e. g. cardiomyocytes.

icon CE   The CardioExcyte 96 records action potentials (EFP) and contraction motility (impedance) of cardiomyocytes in parallel.

Icon FLEX The FLEXcyte 96 brings in vitro contraction force measurements of cardiac cells to a new dimension.

Read More in this Poster: Cell Monitoring using Multi-Frequency Impedance Recordings for Label-free and Time-resolved Cell Response Analysis

Are you working on Bilayer Technology? Then utilise our Chip-based Planar Bilayer Devices!

One way to monitor ion channel activity is to use the artificial lipid bilayer recording method, in which many types of reconstituted ion channels and pores can be measured. 

icon orbit mini   The Orbit Mini combines state of the art amplifier technology with the easy and reproducible investigation of four planar lipid bilayers in parallel. The optional automated temperature control enables experiments at physiological temperatures or on temperature-sensitive species such as TRP channels.

icon orbit   The Orbit 16 has a higher throughput than the Orbit Mini and comprises automated membrane generation which maximizes the system's ease of use and the reproducibility of the experiments.

icon vpp   A helpful device to generate giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) for your bilayer recordings is the Vesicle Prep Pro.

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