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16.09.2021: Nanion Newsbites - Nav1.9 and Inherited neuropathic pain conditions linked to mutations in the Nav subtypes

Nanion Newsbites: September 2021 Highlights

In the latest edition of our quarterly recap we announce the winner(s) of our SURFE2R N1 Grant award, where for a limited time applicants had the chance to win a platform supporting label-free, functional transporter measurements in real time.

We also announced our 2021 Annual User Meeting; which this year will take be offered in a hybrid modus. Join for over 15 international presentations covering a range of topics and applications, from CFTR to Piezo1 and HCN to nanopores. We're excited to meet some of you here at our headquarters in Munich, and many more who will join online.

Find out more and Register for the meeting here

Featured Publications for download:
The insecticide deltamethrin enhances sodium channel slow inactivation of human NaV1.9, NaV1.8 and NaV1.7
[Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology]

Reliable identification of cardiac conduction abnormalities in drug discovery using automated patch clamp II: Best practices for Nav1.5 peak current in a high throughput screening environment
[Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods]

Engineering and functional characterization of a proton-driven β-lactam antibiotic translocation module for bionanotechnological applications
[Nature Scientific Reports]

Upcoming Events:

15.09 - 17.09.2021 | The 4th International TRP Meeting (hybrid edition)

22.09 - 24.09.2021 | Genetic epilepsies and other neuronal ion channel disorders: Mechanisms and therapeutic perspectives

27.09 -01.10.2021 | 56th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX)

04.10 - 08.10.2021 | Safety Pharmacology Society 2021 Annual Meeting

05.10.2021 | Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors: Structure, Function and Dysfunction

19. - 20.10.2021 | ELRIG Drug Discovery 2021

Webinar Now Available On-Demand:

Automated patch clamp assay development for the study of red blood cells (RBCs) in health and disease

Nicoletta Murciano (PhD Candidate - Nanion Technologies) 
Dr. Lars Kaestner (Professor - Saarland University)

[Access On-Demand]

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