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30.03.2022: Nanion Newsbites - Neuromuscular AChR α1ß1γδ receptors

Nanion Newsbites: Neuromuscular AChR α1ß1γδ receptors

In the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, we recap the following:

Press Release:
SyncroPatch 384 installed at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at their Silver Spring site in Maryland; The SyncroPatch 384 will be used for high throughput automated patch clamp experiments for cardiac safety experiments.

Featured Application Note:
Here we show cardiac ion channel recordings from hiPSC-CMs or overexpressing cell lines generated with the world’s smallest patch clamp setups: Port-a-Patch and Port-a-Patch mini.

Featured Video:
Did you know that you can literally turn the SyncroPatch 384 into a lower throughput instrument with the 32-well mode of operation?  You don't have to use the whole chip in one run, you can use part of the chip and save the rest of the chip to be used over several days. This way, you can take full advantage of the very low cost per data point of the 384-well chips. Watch the video here

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