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28.09.2022: Nice meeting you at Europhysiology 2022

We had great fun meeting you at Europhysiology in Copenhagen last week!

In beautiful Copenhagen, we enjoyed performing live experiments on the Port-a-Patch and presenting our work during the poster presentations.
Our colleagues Ali Obergrussberger and Giustina Rotordam had a nice opportunity to meet up with Copenhagen colleagues Soren Friis, Frank Henrichsen and Adam Toth.

You can find our Posters here:

1. "The role of LRRC8 in the hypotonic stress response of human keratinocytes"
2. "Functional investigation of GABA and Glutamate re-uptake transporters EAAT3 and GAT1 using SSM-based electrophysiology"
3. "Characterization of ion channel currents endogenously expressed in Neuro2A cells using automated patch clamp"


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