Employee Interview-

Meet Andre Bazzone

“Tell us your story- how did your path lead you to Nanion Technologies?”

I studied biochemistry in Frankfurt, which covered most of my interests: molecular biology, biophysics, protein biochemistry (including membrane proteins and kinetics).

At some point, I stumbled across electrophysiology – which was not covered excessively during my studies. So I decided to do an internship at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biophysics on a rather new electrophysiological approach using solid supported membranes to measure capacitive currents from membrane transporters – so-called SSM-based electrophysiology. At this time it was just a new technique I was discovering, but I figured out I learned it from the inventor himself, Klaus Fendler. Subsequently, I did my diploma and my PhD thesis with him.

At about the same time, Nanion acquired the patents for a device that applies SSM-based electrophysiology, the SURFE2R. Luckily, at the end of my PhD, Nanion was looking for a candidate with experience in SSM-based electrophysiology. Nanion approached Klaus via phone. Following the phone call, he came to my office and I couldn’t resist this opportunity to dive into industry instantly. After more than 5 years, I’m still with Nanion. I did never regret any of the decisions leading me to where I am right now.


“Knowing what you know now, what 3 pieces of advice would you give your 21-year-old self?”

  1. There is essentially nothing coming to my mind. Hence, I would try to convince my past me to spread the following message on all channels, potentially reaching our marketing office in time: “Never ask questions like ‘what 3 pieces of advice would you give your 21-year-old self?’ in an employee questionnaire”.
  2. I’m wondering if this would help in getting me out of this awkward situation. Just kidding of course.
  3. I tried to answer something and I did, right?


“One Last Question- what’s the coolest thing about your job?”

It’s definitely a mix of different responsibilities: doing research, improving the technology over the years, convincing people that SURFE2R is a real game-changer, discussing with customers and colleagues experiments and in the end, everything with the goal of helping scientists all over the world to unravel new knowledge for humankind. Very cliché, but this is what drives me.