Employee Interview- Meet Leo Morada

“Tell us your story- how did your path lead you to Nanion Technologies?”

At 22 I worked for an engineering firm that developed high-rise residential buildings in NYC. I was involved in developing electrical plans and power distribution schematics. Life was simple, until one day my friend asked if I was interested in joining a startup company.

With little convincing, I became the 3rd employee hired in the US. On my first day, I got on a 24-hour flight from EWR to SIN in hopes to learn the system and processes of that company. I was there for about six weeks and it was a humbling experience. Those six weeks were challenging but they made me the professional I am today.

Unfortunately, like many startup companies, we had a hard time being profitable so I knew my time at that company was limited. I began my search and that’s when Dr. James Constantin reached out for a possible FSE position at Nanion Technologies. The rest is history. 😊


“Knowing what you know now, what 3 pieces of advice would you give your 21-year-old self?”

To be honest I probably wouldn’t give any advice to my 21-year-old self because it would alter the person I am today and I probably wouldn’t listen anyway (SMH). But to answer the question I would say:

  1. Give 100% at everything you do not just work. (Relationship, Heath and spirituality)
  2. Don’t bite the hands that feed you
  3. Life is binary (1 or 0) trying doesn’t mean anything


“One Last Question- what’s the coolest thing about your job?”

The range of responsibilities.

As some people know I briefly left Nanion Technologies for another corporation in hopes to grow. When I got there that wasn’t the case; my job was so specialized it made me feel boxed in. I saw myself doing the same thing for years and I needed a change. At Nanion I’m involved with sales, demos, service, logistics, conferences and etc. For some people that might be too much but I have great Managers (Kenneth Andersen and Rodolfo Haedo) that understand when to push me and when not to. I’m happy to be back!