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13.07.2018 | Nanion congratulates the two junior scientists awarded for their innovative theses by Nano Innovation Award 2018

MUNICH, GERMANY, July 13, 2018-- Cell monitoring for cancer research & DNA construction kit in maxi format - Nano Innovation Award 2018 for junior nanoscientists

On July 13, the Nano Innovation Awards were awarded at the Center for NanoScience (LMU Munich). Two young researchers from Munich received the award for promising results as part of their master's or doctoral thesis in application-oriented nanosciences. The Bavarian-wide prize is endowed with €9,000 and is awarded annually by a jury of experts from science and business:

Konstantin Ditzel from the group of Dr. Philipp Paulitschke at the LMU Chair of Soft Matter and Biophysics
Dr. Klaus Wagenbauer from the group of Prof. Hendrik Dietz, Experimental Biophysics at the Faculty of Physics of the Technical University of Munich.

180713 NIA Awards winners

From left to right: Konstantin Ditzel, Dr. Klaus Wagenbauer

Nanion is honored to be part of this initiative of the CeNS (Center for NanoScience, LMU Munich).
As a spin-off company of the CeNS and historically directly connected to the idea of the award, Nanion and three further successful spin-off companies (attocube systems AG, ibidi GmbH, NanoTemper Technologies GmbH) donated the price money of the Innovation Award 2018.
"CeNS with its outstanding scientists fosters nanoscience at the highest level - honoring them is our motivation to support the award," says Dr. Niels Fertig, CEO and founder of Nanion Technologies and member of the jury.

Read the full press release from the CeNS here.



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