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13.12.2018 | SyncroPatch 384PE installation in China

WuXi AppTec Research Service Division announced the acquisition of a SyncroPatch 384PE automated patch clamp system in Shanghai, China, within their Newsletter (December 10. 2018).

Original Text:

Dear Dr. Dong,

WuXi AppTec Research Service Division has recently acquired a SyncroPatch 384PE automated patch clamp system, the first unit introduced into China by Nanion Technologies.

The drug discovery process in pharmaceutical companies begins with identifying potential targets for new diseases. One important class of targets is ion channels that regulate the flow of ions across cellular membranes and therefore influence the physiology of all cells. Patch clamp is a widely applied gold-standard technique for the study of ion channels. Speed and accuracy of automated patch clamp systems are heavily demanded by pharmaceutical companies working with development of ion channel-based drugs.

The newly introduced SyncroPatch 384PE is the world's first 384-channel gigaseal patch clamp system that can be applied to both voltage-gated and ligand-gated ion channels. With its ability to generate thousands of high-quality data points daily, SyncroPatch 384PE is enabling new screening paradigms in ion channel drug discovery and cardiac safety testing on a truly industrial basis. It is claimed to be taking automated patch clamping to a new and even more powerful level.

"We hope the acquisition of the SyncroPatch 384PE technology will assist WuXi AppTec in expanding their services into the rapidly increasing fields of cardiac safety testing and ion channel drug discovery," commented Frank Henrichsen, Vice President Sales and Marketing in Nanion Technologies, the supplier of SyncroPatch 384PE.

"We are very pleased to have installed the first SyncroPatch 384PE automated patch clamp system in China, " Dr. Lu, Vice President of Biology at WuXi AppTec, said, "It will greatly enhance our drug R&D service capabilities and productivity. We will continue investing in cutting-edge discovery technologies as we strive to serve our global clients better." 

• Declan Ryan, Ph.D (USA) VP, Business Development
• Dave Madge, Ph.D (Europe) VP, Business Development
• Longji Xu (China) Director, Business Development"



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