Orbit mini- Membrane Preparation Tutorial

The Orbit mini is a miniaturized bilayer workstation for recording from 4 bilayers simultaneously.

Watch how to prepare membranes for the Orbit mini:

1. Take e.g. a 10 μl Eppendorf pipette (small white tip)

2. Cover the tip with lipids by dipping it into the lipid stock solution without aspirating any of it. Due to capillary forces a small amount of lipid solution will remain in the pipette tip – squeeze out any of these residues from the pipette tip

3. Place the tip on the chip’s surface close to a cavity, dispense a small air bubble (2-3 μl) over the cavity and aspirate it back. This results in the formation of a lipid bilayer which can be monitored by following the change in the current response: the signal should not go into saturation anymore and exhibit capacitive properties as shown on the right

Repeat step 3 on all cavities.