Spotl]i[ght Podcast – Claudia Weidling

Introducing Claudia Weidling (University of Copenhagen)

In this edition of the podcast – we speak to Claudia Weidling Ph.D. who tells us about her recent publication in Nature, her experience being a Ph.D student during a pandemic and what advice she would offer to prospective Ph.D students.

Read the Nature Publication here.

Read more of Claudia’s research here “The NALCN channel complex is voltage sensitive and directly modulated by extracellular calcium“, co-written by H. C. Chua, M. Wulf, C. Weidling, L. P. Rasmussen, S. A. Pless.

Finally, Claudia would like to thank the funding agency, the Independent Research Fund Denmark and gives all credit for the structure to Genetech.

Connect with Claudia on ResearchGate and LinkedIn.