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29. - 30.09.2021 | Nanion User Meeting Munich Germany

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Meeting Venue
: Nanion headquarters, Ganghoferstraße 70a, Munich (additionally remote access/livestream to be made available)

Welcome to the 2021 Nanion User Meeting!

Date and time:
Start: September 29th, 2021 
End: September 30th, 2021

On-Demand Copy Here

Access the agenda of the User Meeting here:

Agenda (Additional speakers may be announced; program subject to change)

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Bernhard Stenger
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Presenting: Port-a-Patch: Solving technical obstacles in TRP research

Matthias Vömel & Dr. Markus Rapedius
Bayer AG & Nanion Technologies
Presenting: Evaluation and Implementation NPC384T, the new and improved consumable type for the SyncroPatch 384

Axel Brueggeman & Dr. Markus Rapedius
Nanion Technologies 
Presenting: There is no F- in Automated Patch Clamp: High throughput APC without fluoride as new application for the SyncroPatch 384

Sepideh Hagvall, MSc, PhD, Adj.Prof
Presenting: CardioExcyte 96 applications in pharma research settings

Rocio K. Finol-Urdaneta PhD.
Illawarra Health & Medical Research Institute (IHMRI), University of Wollongong
Presenting: Nanopores in Patched Cells

Dr. Rajnish Ranjan
EPFL - Blue Brain Project, Lausanne, Switzerland
Presenting: Kinetic characterization of voltage-gated ion channels - A case study on HCN channels

Frédéric Becq
University of Poitiers
Presenting: Automated patch clamp with the Patchliner platform for CFTR chloride channel pharmacology

Fitzwilliam Seibertz
University of Göttingen
Presenting: High performance characterisation of atrial cardiomyocytes

Dr. rer. nat. Wener Li
TU Dresden
Presenting: Blebbistatin protects iPSC-CM from hypercontraction and facilitates automated patch-clamp based electrophysiological study

Dr. Roberta Benedetto
Presenting: Assessing mitochondrial toxicity and transporter-mediated uptake of drug candidates on a SURFE2R 96E

John Kasianowicz
Dept. of Physics, University of South Florida at Tampa
Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies (Senior Fellow)
Presenting: Towards structure determination of functional channels for single particle characterization

Chan Cao
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Presenting: Orbit 16 TC: An automated system for high-throughput membrane nanopore sensing

Jan C. Behrends
University of Freiburg
Presenting: Whole-molecule sensing with biological nanopores: from PEG sizing to peptide sequence recognition

Tobias Ensslen 
University of Freiburg 
Presenting: Parrallel Peptide Sequence Recognition by Nanopores

Dr. Antreas Kalli
University of Leeds
Presenting: PIEZO1 force-sensing ion channels in health and disease

Nicoletta Murciano 
Nanion Technologies
Presenting: Mechanical and chemical stimulation of Piezo1 channels overexpressed in HEK293 cells on the SyncroPatch 384

Laurie A. Boyer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Presenting: Matters of the heart: regulating cardiac differentiation and function

Angelika Lampert & Ralf Hausmann
Uniklinik RWTH Aachen
Sodium Channel Network Aachen
Presenting: Arrhythmia and pain: sodium channel pharmacology and temperature dependence

Samantha Salvage
University of Cambridge
Presenting: Using the Patchliner for pharmacological assessment of venom toxins on Nav1.7 and Nav1.7-β3

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