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28. - 29.05.2019 | Nanion User Meeting USA

190528 event image User Meeting USA

Meeting Venue: Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel, 296 State St., Boston, MA 02109, USA


We are expecting approximately 80 attendees from industry and academia.
The User Meeting includes as in the past years a symposium and a poster presentation.

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Prof. Dr. Charles David Weaver
Vanderbilt University, USA 
Title: "Fluorescent Ion Indicators and Automated, Parallel Electrophysiology: Two Things that Go Great Together”

Prof. Dr. Jorge Contreras
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, USA
Title: "Connexin channels: new roles and novel non-canonical properties”

Prof. Dr. Alfred George
Northwestern University, USA 
Title: "Determining the function and pharmacology of epilepsy-associated KCNQ2 variants"

Dr. May Fern Toh
Alkermes Inc., USA
Title: "Application of High-throughput Automated Patch-clamp Techniques to Study Ion Channel Function in Cultured Primary Rat Cortical and Hypothalamic Neurons"

Dr. David Dalrymple 
SB Drug Discovery Ltd., United Kingdom
Title: “Generation of a comprehensive GABAA receptor screening platform using SyncroPatch 384PE”

Dr. Marc Rogers
Metrion Biosciences Ltd., United Kingdom
Title: "Using the Patchliner to profile selective state-dependent Cav2.2 calcium channel modulators with efficacy in preclinical animal models and human tissue"

Dr. Tromondae K. Feaster
FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc., USA
Title: “Next Level Functional Readouts on Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes”

Dr. Jim Kramer
Charles River Laboratories, Inc., USA
Title: “Sidedness of Ion Channel Block Evaluated with the Syncropatch 384PE”

Dr. Matthias Gossmann
InnoVitro GmbH, Germany 
Title: “Mechanobiology of In Vitro Assays: Tackling Prevailing Challenges in Pre-Clinical Drug Development"

Prof. Dr. Stefan Clemens
East Carolina University, USA
Title:”Dopamine and morphine receptor interactions in the spinal cord: possible new targets for the treatment of sensory dysfunctions”

Dr. Jen Pan
Broad Institute, USA 
Title: "High throughput, high resolution electrophysiology for characterizing genetic variants of ion channels"

Prof. Dr. Saverio Gentile
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Title: "The therapeutic benefit of targeting potassium channel in metastatic breast cancer"

Dr. Marzia Martina
National Research Council Canada
Title: "The elusive Nav1.7 and the quest for a non-opioid pain killer: antibodies and VHHs”

Dr. Anh-Tuan Ton
AnaBios Corporation, USA
Title: "An ex-vivo human model of pain for enabling translational research and drug discovery"

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