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20.11.2018 | Webinar: The RELEVANCE of ion channel interplay – Voltage-activated channels in non-excitable cells

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Date: November 20. 2018, 4:00 PM CET (11:00 AM EDT)

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The Webinar focuses on the automated patch clamp assay development for the study of red blood cells in health and disease and the RELEVANCE project, an international consortium of 13 partners from academia, diagnostic labs, blood supply centers, and small companies that combines basic and translational research to improve prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches on red blood cell function in health and disease. To this end, Nanion contributes assays for the electrophysiological characterization of healthy and patient-derived red blood cells.


RELEVANCE is an EU funded innovative training network and investigates in five scientific work packages different aspects, were the characterisation of red blood cells has an societal importance, such as in transfusion medicine, anaemias, diagnostics or in sports medicine. This will unavoidably result in the investigation of ion channels. The webinar is a joined presentation by a principle investigator of RELEVANCE, Prof. Lars Kaestner (Saarland University) and an early stage researcher, Maria Giustina Rotordam (Nanion Technologies, Munich).


Piezo1, KCa3.1 (Gardos channel) and CaV2.1 are three channels present in the red blood cell membrane. We will highlight the role of these channels in Hereditary Xerocytosis as well as in the Gardos Channelopathy using electrophysiological tools. Since red blood cells are everything but under suspicion to be excitable cells, we will take these cells as an example to show that KCa3.1, CaV2.1 and Piezo1 present an intimate interplay providing evidence that voltage-activated channels can well play a substantial role in non-excitable cells.


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