Orbit 16 TC

Taking the Pain out of Painting.

Automated formation of 16 artificial lipid bilayers at the push of a button

Nanion's Orbit 16 TC platform takes the pain out of bilayer painting and subsequent recordings as it enables fast and successful data generation thanks to the rapid automated formation of 16 bilayers at once and their subsequent fully parallel recording.

The Orbit 16 TC is equipped with a dedicated low-noise 16-channel amplifier (Elements S.R.L.) enabling the convenient fully parallel recording of 16 bilayers at the highest bandwidths and supreme signal-to-noise ratios.


The Orbit 16 TC is explicitly designed to meet the special requirements of high-throughput experiments on artificial bilayers at freely definable temperatures between 5 – 50 °C. The use of Ionera’s MECA (microelectrode cavity array) 16 TC chip technology combined with a built-in state-of-the-art low noise e16n amplifier (Elements S.R.L.) enables the fully parallel recording of 16 separate lipid bilayers at bandwidths up to 100 kHz at excellent signal-to-noise ratios.

The automated generation of 16 separate lipid bilayers by the push of a button as well as its small overall footprint maximizes the system’s everyday usability while drastically increasing the success rate and decreasing the overall time needed for data generation. Easy-to-learn and to-use data acquisition and immediate data validation via an online analysis feature are the hallmarks of the Orbit 16 TC’s tailor-made EDR4 software.


Fully automated parallel recordings of 16 bilayers

The new e16n-amplifier (Elements S.R.L.) allows data recording from all 16 channels fully in parallel at final bandwidths up to 100 kHz per channel and supreme noise levels for all channels.


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