• Orbit 16 TC

    fully parallel recording of 16 bilayers

Alpha-Hemolysin - Parallel Recordings of monoPEG-28 Block

2011 HemolysinIcon Orbit   Orbit 16 data and applications: 
Data courtesy of Dr. Gerhard Baaken et. al., University of Freiburg / Ionera.

Event-averaged histograms (black) and overlaid current traces (blue) of parallel and simultaneous recordings on a MECA chip of monoPEG-28-mediated blockages of hemolysin nanopore(s). The current traces were recorded with a multichannel amplifier (Tecella Jet 16). Histograms were derived from the mean current levels of at least 2000 visits of blocked stated per cavity (20 kHz sample frequency).
Read the full paper. (Am. Chem. Soc Nano, 5(10), 8080-8088, 2011)



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