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  • SURFE²R 96SE

  • SURFE²R 96SE

  • SURFE²R 96SE

  • SURFE²R 96SE


2017 - High throughput real-time measurement of electrogenic membrane transport driven by the SLC transporters PepT1 and OcT2

Icon 96SE   SURFE²R SE96 poster, Biophysics congress 2017  logo pdf   (1.8 MB)


“Solid Supported Membrane (SSM) based electrophysiology” is an established method, developed at the Max-Plank-Institut, which allows to record low amplitude electrogenic events with a high amplification. The method allows real-time activity measurement of targets for which  onventional electrophysiology is unsuitable, like many electrogenic membrane transporters and pumps, or targets localized in intracellular or bacterial membranes.

Here, we present pharmacological and functional studies of different transporters and channels (PepT1, OCT2, NCX1, AChR alpha 7, mitochondrial F-type ATPase, XyIE, Channel rhodopsin 2), analyzed on the SURFE²R 96SE device.


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