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  • SURFE²R 96SE

  • SURFE²R 96SE

  • SURFE²R 96SE

  • SURFE²R 96SE


2015 - Studying Electrogenic Transporters of the SLC Family in a Parallel Way Utilizing Solid Supported Membrane Technology

Icon 96SE   SURFE²R N96 poster (a predecessor model of the SURFE²R 96SE) Biophysics 2015   logo pdf   (0.8 MB)


The solute carrier (SCL) family of membrane transport proteins includes over 300 members. Many of them are related to conditions and diseases, or are involved in the transport of pharmacological agents.  Therefore, there is a strong need for efficient and flexible assays to study properties and interactions of those transporters. 
We utilized solid supported membrane based electrophysiology to study real-time SLC-transporter activity in a 96-well based format, introducing a method  also suitable for drug screenings and safety tests. Here applications to study activation and inhibition properties of the SLC transporters PepT1, SGLT1, OCT2 and ANT are presented.


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