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13.10.2020 | Webinar: Employing SSM electrophysiology to capture electrogenic fluxes in membrane proteins

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Date: October 13. 2020

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Dr. Matthias Quick (Columbia University; NY, USA)

This is an on-demand webinar from Nan]i[on and Friends 2020.


My lab has been focusing on the study of ion-dependent transporters with special emphasis on Na+ or H+-coupled symporters. Whereas flux studies with radiolabeled solutes using the target protein reconstituted in proteoliposomes provided a wealth of information, the determination of the thermodynamically-coupled solute transport-associated flux of H+ or Na+ has been challenging. This can be attributed in part to the low transport turnover numbers of these transporters and difficulties associated with their functional expression in suitable model systems that allow for their characterization with traditional electrophysiological methods (e.g., two-electrode voltage clamp or patch-clamp methods).

By using the SURFE2R N1 SSM platform, our team was able to quickly collect data of solute transport-associated flux of co-transported ions across the membrane of proteoliposomes containing different target proteins. With this technology it is possible to collect data for a full kinetic characterization of a target protein such as its dependence on substrate and ion concentrations, pH, and potential essential additives, as well as its substrate recognition profile. The SURFE2R system also enables the use of a wide range of substrates that are readily commercially available, avoiding the use of radiolabeled compounds.



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