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        spotl]i[ght – Podcast – Katherine Henzler-Wildman (University of Wisconsin-Madison) & Nathan Thomas c
        Guest: Katherine Henzler-Wildman (University of Wisconsin-Madison) & Nathan Thomas (University of California - San Diego)

        On this episode of the podcast we spoke with Katie and Nathan about their work (specifically around developing a method to provide a fast, easy, general method for measuring transport stoichiometry via solid supported membrane electrophysiology) which will facilitate future mechanistic and functional studies of ion-coupled transporters. You can read the full publication titled: A solid-supported membrane electrophysiology assay for efficient characterization of ion-coupled transport here.

        Katie's Lab uses NMR as a primary technique to monitor protein structure and dynamics, taking advantage of the extensive resources available through NMRFAM. By comparing NMR data with biochemical and functional assays, insight into the mechanisms of secondary active transport, multidrug recognition, ion channel gating and ion selectivity is gained.

        Nathan is presentlt a Postdoctoral Researchers at Tezcan Lab - UCSD (University of California San Diego,) Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

        spotl]i[ght – Podcast – Kerstin Göpfrich (Max Planck Institute for Medical Research)
        Guest: Kerstin Göpfrich (Max Planck Institute for Medical Research)

        In this edition of the podcast - we speak to Kerstin Göpfrich Ph.D. who is currently attempting how to construct a cell with a bottom up approach and exploring how life could be different with DNA origami.

        spotl]i[ght – Podcast – Nasreen Choudhury (Rush University)
        Guest: Nasreen Choudhury (Rush University)

        In this edition of the podcast - we spoke to Postdoctoral Research Fellow Nasreen Choudhury about her research of Alziehmer's disease and the role that ion channels play. Nasreen completed her PhD at the Indian Institute of Science where she published a paper about TREK1 channel, read it here. Nasreen went on to working at the University of Leicester where she published her investigation into Kv3 channels.

        When Nasreen finishes her postdoctoral stint at Rush University Medical Center, she plans to switch to an industry role where she can work with automated patch clamp platforms

        spotl]i[ght – Podcast – Shashank Pant (University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
        Guest: Shashank Pant (University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

        On this episode of the podcast we spoke with Shashank Pant (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). We talked about how he started his journey as a researcher and how his curiosity of the scientific process continues to serve as a motivation to publish in high impact journals such as Nature (where he was recently part of an internationally collaboration with with Renae Ryan's Lab, University of Sydney).
        Here they looked at Glutamate, specifically providing insight into the mechanism by which glutamate transporters support their dual function

        spotl]i[ght – Podcast – Trong Shen (University of Toronto)
        Guest: Trong Shen (University of Toronto)

        In this edition of the podcast - we speak to Tron Shen and his unique experiences working in an academic lab (Hinz Lab). Listen to his unique story, which encompases a stop in the world of finance.

        spotl]i[ght – Podcast – Wandi Zhu (Harvard)
        Guest: Wandi Zhu (Harvard)

        Bacterial and mammalian NaV channels provide insights into the molecular basis of channel gating and will facilitate organism-specific drug discovery.

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