Ion channel mutations underlying disease.

Ion channels and transporters are critical for a wide range of physiological processes, from cell excitability and muscle contraction to hormone secretion and pain sensation. Mutations in ion channels can cause loss of function (LOF) or gain of function (GOF) and can underlie a wide range of human diseases, including neuropathic pain, respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, neurodegeneration, metabolic diseases, cancer and cardiac arrhythmia. The advancement of research tools leads to a better understanding of human disease mechanisms to ultimately improve human health and well-being.

Therapeutic areas

Cardiac Safety (CiPA)

Safeguarding the path to breakthrough medications.


The role of ion channels and transporters in neurological disease.


The search for novel non-opioid analgesics.


Finding safe and effective oncology treatments.

Immune diseases

Finding cures for cancer and auto-immune diseases.

Respiratory diseases

Breathing ion channels.

Rare diseases

Mutations affecting critical proteins.

Metabolic diseases

Affecting the body´s homeostatic functions.

Lysosomal diseases

Ion channels and transporters as key players.