Join us at the NUM 2023

Over the years, Nanion User Meeting (NUM) has grown and built a strong community of researchers and collaborators joining us every year at the Nanion HQ in Munich, to discuss the latest updates in drug discovery, assay development, cardiac safety, ion channels and transporters, automated patch clamp, membrane biophysics, cell analytics, and more.

Join us on-site or online for 2 days of outstanding talks, product demos, posters, networking, and much more!

When: 24.10. – 25.10.2023

Venue: Nanion Technologies Headquarters, Munich, Germany

Confirmed speakers (so far)

  • Christine Beeton (Baylor College of Medicine, United States)
  • Michael Dudek (Technical University Munich)
  • Samuel Fountain (University of East Anglia, United Kingdom)
  • Niels Voigt (University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany)
  • David Beech (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
  • Björn Knollmann (Vanderbilt University, United States)
  • David Dalrymple (SB Drug Discovery, United Kingdom)
  • Riccardo Rizzetto (Axxam SpA)
  • Ralf Hausmann (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
  • Sahar Avazzadeh (University of Galway/Relevium Medical, United Kingdom)
  • Alessandro Cerchiara (University of Bari, Italy)
  • Bettina Lickiss (innoVitro, Germany)
  • Edmund Kunji (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Ulrich Hammes (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
  • Adam Hyman (GSK, United Kingdom)
  • Felix Baerenz (Sanofi, Germany)
  • Marcus Schewe (Kiel University, Germany)
  • Juan Bada (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Alessandra Griffo (Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Germany)

Take part in our workshops

Every year we aim to innovate the technologies and applications we offer to you! This year our first product, Port-a-Patch celebrates 20 years. At the same time, we launched our newest one, AtlaZ. Both are exceptional technologies with complementary readouts. Learn about them and our newest tips to accelerate your research!

Previous meetings: NUM 2022

Last year's on-demand video features great science from our speakers: David Beech, Jennifer Deuis, Helen Waller-Evans, Francesco Moccia, Andre Bazzone, Emanuela Colucci, Thomas Mager, Nathan Palpant, Carlos Vanoye, Nataliia Dmitrieva, Marc Rogers, Edward Humphries, Tobias Ensslen, Björn Knollmann, Adam Dorey, Carol Milligan.

These two days were full of exciting talks and scientific exchanges. It is always a pleasure to connect with you during the poster and demo sessions, and networking breaks. And remember to bring a beer mug home!