1st NALCN workshop

When: 31.08. – 03.09.2023

Venue: Alicante, Spain.

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Meet Dr. Markus Rapedius

Join Dr. Markus Rapedius (Product Manager NPC-384 Chips) to learn more about our Automated Patch Clamp platforms that offers sophisticated solutions for ion channels study, drug discovery, assay development and more. Contact Markus to learn how Nanion can help you accelerate your research.

Nanion is proud sponsor of this conference.

Join Markus at the poster session

Poster: “High-Throughput Patch Clamp Electrophysiology: A Tool to Accelerate Research and Drug-Discovery also on NALCN?”

Date & time: TBD

Synopsis of the event

The goal of the first-ever workshop on NALCN is to bring together PATIENT FAMILIES, PHYSICIANS and RESEARCHERS to improve the lives of patients.

This workshop aims to cover all aspects of NALCN research, including involvement of patient families & physicians, and research highlighting in vivo studies, along with NALCN molecular structure and function. The event is related to the ERA-NET NEURON project RestoreLeak.

Lectures by NALCN experts & trainees and patient round table.