2nd Channelopathy Meeting Tübingen

When: 04.10. -06.10.2023

Venue: University Hospital Tübingen, CRONA Klinikum,

Large Lecture Hall 210, Level 4, Building 420. Tübingen, Germany
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Meet Dr. Ali Obergrussberger

Join Dr. Ali Obergrussberger (Scientific Communication Manager) to learn more about our Automated Patch Clamp platforms that offers sophisticated solutions for the study of ion channels, drug discovery, assay development and more. Contact Ali Obergrussberger to learn how Nanion can help you accelerate your research.


Nanion will be present with a talk:

Title: “How Nanion’s technologies are advancing channelopathy research”

Presented by Ali Obergrussberger, Monday 06.10.2023


Channelopathy Case study:

Discover the great potential of Nanion´s SyncroPatch 384  to determine the functional consequences of ion channel variants. Find the case study here.


About the 2nd Channelopathy meeting:

Genetic epilepsies and other neuronal ion channel disorders; Mechanism and therapeutic perspectives. Scientists from all over the world come together to discuss current research issues around rare ion channel and transporter disorders and share latest results. The meeting is a joint event of the BMBF-funded research network Treat-ION and the DFG-funded Research Unit FOR 2715.