Cardiac Safety Symposium 2023

When: 24.05.2023

Venue: Zoom (this is a virtual symposium)


Join us at the Cardiac Safety Symposium 2023

After its success in 2021, we are back with the Cardiac Safety Symposium where you can learn about newest insights on current challenges in safety pharmacology, cardiac physiology, electrophysiology and contractility assessments of stem cell-derived and native cardiomyocytes.

The presentations will cover the following topics:

  • Trends/challenges in Safety Pharmacology
  • Updates on the chronic drug-induced cardiotoxicity assessment from the HESI Stem Cell Working Group
  • Investigations on Cardiac ion channels/case studies


Agenda of the Symposium can be accessed here.


On-demand access to the Symposium

You can also access the single videos of the presentations here.

Access our previous Cardiac Safety Symposium here.