Cure CLCN4 Scientific
Meeting 2024

When: 07.06. – 08.06.2024

Venue: Friends House. 173-177 Euston Road, London. NW1 2BJ
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Advancing Membrane Transporters Research


Connect with Giovanna De Filippi (Business Development Manager) to learn about our SSM-based Electrophysiology platforms can help you boost your CLC channels transporters´ research. We are proud sponsors of the poster session.

CLCN4-related conditions are extremely rare, so far just over 120 individuals worldwide with a CLCN4 gene change have been identified. More research is desperately needed into CLCN4 and the protein, CLC-4. We are proud to support the Cure CLCN4 Annual Scientific Meeting to further the understanding of the basic biology of CIC-4 and investigate therapeutic options for these patients.


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About Cure CLCN4 Scientific Meeting


CLCN4-related neurodevelopmental condition (CLCN4-NDC) is a rare X-linked genetic disorder that leads to intellectual disability and other problems such as epilepsy, behavioural disorders, movement disorders and microcephaly. CLCN4-NDC is caused by mutations in the CLCN4 gene, which encodes the ClC-4 protein, a 2Cl-/H+ ion exchanger expressed in intracellular compartments in a wide variety of tissues, but prominently in the brain and skeletal muscle. The extent and severity of CLCN4-related condition, which has so far been reported in just over 120 individuals worldwide, is very variable, depending on the type of gene change, the gender of the affected individual, the pathophysiological impact of the genetic change and, as yet, incompletely understood factors. Overall, there is currently little understanding of the basic biology of CIC-4 and no appropriate therapeutic options.

Now in its third installment, the Cure CLCN4 Scientific Conference is set to reconvene in London, continuing its goal of providing the opportunity of the year for researchers and clinicians working on CLCN4-related condition and related areas to meet in person, network, and engage in in-depth discussions about the latest research and advancements in the field. Though short talks and panel discussions, we will explore the entire research spectrum, from fundamental animal and cellular model studies to the latest developments in clinical research, drug discovery, and precision medicine.