Customer Opinion –

Emanuela Colucci

“Can you tell us about your research project.”

My PhD project has revolved around the characterization of structure and function of a glutamate transporter homologue from a thermophilic archaea, namely GltTk. This transporter has been historically used for studying the more complicated human homologues which are involved in the regularization of glutamate concentration in the synaptic cleft. The aim of part of my project, which then resulted in the recent publication on Nature Communications, was to prove the existence of the chloride channel in this transporter with SSM. Furthermore, I studied the effects of a single-point mutation on the activity of the chloride channel.

Find more information on Emanuela´s publication here.

“You have been using the SURFE2R N1 for your PhD project. Tell us about your experience working with Nanion and the SURFE2R N1. What are your impressions?”

SURFE2R N1 was introduced in my lab during the first months of 2021 and I was its most frequent user. I liked working with it because many steps such as the change of buffers and the cleaning are automated.


“Which particular features of the SURFE2R N1 accelerated your PhD research and publications?”

SSM and in particular SURFE2R N1 has helped tremendously with the electrophysiological characterization of GltTk. The high sensitivity for the detection of the current even at very low protein concentration has allowed me to screen many different conditions with a single proteoliposomes preparation. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and the possibility to run high throughput screenings, I was able to work independently right after the training and to have satisfying results immediately