Employee Interview – Meet Kenneth Andersen

“Tell us your story- how did your path lead you to Nanion Technologies?”

A former colleague who had joined Nanion as well informed me of a position and advised me to check it out, he saw the position and immediately thought that it would be suitable for me. Feeling stuck where I was at that time, I was happy to give it a try, plus, at the time, moving to Munich was not seen as a problem because I had friends that lived here and Munich is actually a nice town.

But anyway, the real reason I had considered moving to Munich was that the position itself was exactly what I had been looking for in terms of responsibility, challenges and personal development.
When I first met up with Michael and Niels in Copenhagen I was really interested, and later on when I visited Nanion’s headquarters in Munich, the entire team took their time to meet up with me, every single one of them, which kind of really sealed the deal for me. I mean, I had never had such a positive interview process before and this made a huge difference because the chemistry between colleagues had a true feel.

Long story short- my path involved big changes and I couldn’t be happier that I did it the way that I did!


• You should have learned German in school because guess what? One day you might actually end up moving there 😉
• Connect with people you respect and vice-versa as much as possible. Life has taught me that knowing good people is often the key to the many small hurdles in life.
• The uncomfortable skinny jeans trend is here to stay, so I say stock up on baggy jeans while they are still available no matter what the mob say is “in fashion!”

“One Last Question- what’s the coolest thing about your job?”

The fact that I’m responsible for my service team which is at times challenging still comes with a reward, like that great feeling when a team member’s skills advance and grow within the service engineering field.
I also cherish moments when the full team is in from travels, the ticking of tasks one by one whilst joking around. It is in these times that I sit down in my corner with a smile, happy that the chemistry I felt back then is here and evolving with every new member.