External Interview-

Bettina Lickiss for BioTechniques

In a recent interview with BioTechniques, innoVitro a German CRO company with core competence in a broad spectrum of cell analytics assay, discussed key insights from their collaboration with Nanion.

Showcased at ELRIG 2023. the focus of the discussion was on the innovative AtlaZ platform for live-cell analytics, utilizing electrical impedance spectroscopy with gold electrodes in a 96-well plate. This technology allows real-time analysis of diverse cellular responses, offering a high-throughput advantage across six 96-well plates simultaneously. The platform's versatility encompasses the real-time assessment of cell adhesion, proliferation, cytotoxicity, G-protein coupled receptor signaling, morphology, and barrier function.

The interview focused on the notable findings from the platform's testing, highlighting the successful ratio-dependent cancer cell killing by CAR-T cells and the concentration-dependent cardiotoxic effects of doxorubicin on a cardiac phenotype cell line. The AtlaZ platform emerged as a time-efficient and powerful tool, capable of conducting multiple analyses simultaneously and catering to a broad spectrum of research projects.