Golden years of semi-automated patch clamp

When: 14.06.2023, 15-16 h CEST

Venue: via Zoom

Webinar: Golden years of semi-automated patch clamp

This webinar will give you insights on the tools available to study ion channels using semi-automated patch clamp, its potential in assay development and drug discovery and the relevance of patch clamp nowadays. Join Dr. Patrick Mumm, Parsa Arman, MS., and Dr. Elizabeth Kim on this webinar to learn more.

Talk 1:The Port-a-Patch – patch clamp made easy

Patrick Mumm (Product Manager Port-a-Patch, Nanion Technologies)

Talk 2: “iFGF14 Peptide Derivative Differentially Regulates Nav1.2 and Nav1.6 Function”

Parsa Arman, MS., (Graduate student, Lab of Fernanda Laezza, University of Texas Medical Branch)

Talk 3:Uncovering a small molecule binding site for modulation of HCN1 channels

Dr. Elizabeth Kim (Postdoctoral associate, Lab of Crina Nimigean, Weill Cornell Medical School)


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