Mechanotransduction, Muscle Spindles and Proprioception

When: 29.07. – 31.07.2024

Venue: Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung, Südliches Schlossrondell 23, 80638 München, Germany

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Meet the Nanion Team

Connect with Dr. Markus Rapedius, our Senior Scientist and Product Manager for Chips (APC), to explore the versatile solutions Nanion offers for your research needs. Whether you’re investigating channelopathies, screening compound libraries, studying biophysical properties and stimuli of ion channels, or conducting routine cardiac safety screenings, Nanion provides the ideal automated patch clamp instruments tailored for your applications.

Our instruments are renowned for their range of throughput capabilities, exceptional flexibility, superior quality, and world-class customer support. You can trust Nanion to help you achieve reliable and efficient results.

Join Markus on Monday, 29.07.2024, from 17:30-18:00 h for his insightful presentation, “Large-scale patch clamp analysis of Piezo 1 using the SyncroPatch 384.” Discover how our advanced technology can enhance your research endeavors.