See what your cell analysis is missing without AtlaZ

The importance of being able to quickly and accurately analyse cellular behaviour cannot be overstated. There are many key areas where this field of research makes the most vital difference today (and countless applications within each). Let us highlight some of them.



The first is biomedical research where the study of cells contributes to advancing our understanding of disease mechanisms and cellular responses – such as aiding breakthroughs in cancer research, immunology and toxicology.

The second key area is drug development and screening where cellular research works to expedite drug discovery by enabling higher throughput screening of potential compounds, targeting for example GPCRs or inducing harmful toxic effects. This helps enhance the target identification and validation processes.

And then there is the third area of cell viability and intercellular communication. Here, this field of research plays a vital role in studying cell behaviour and interaction with neighbouring cells. Barrier function research, as well as effects of viruses on cell viability proves to be helpful for accelerating much-needed therapeutic developments worldwide.

Accelerating cellular research with AtlaZ

Here at Nanion Technologies, we’re excited to have recently launched a new device to help accelerate these vital studies of cellular behaviour: AtlaZ, based on Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). Here are seven ways AtlaZ is transforming this field of study:

  • Full spectrum quantitative live-cell analytics

AtlaZ enables unprecedented depth and efficiency for analysing cellular behaviour from adhesion and proliferation to cytotoxicity, GPCR, morphology, barrier function and more. The key here is “full spectrum” analytics. Instead of limiting the spectrum range for convenience, AtlaZ also provides full access to 100 frequencies to provide a unique richness of information – giving researchers deeper insights into complex cellular processes.



  • Higher throughput for more efficient research

AtlaZ provides up to six 96-well plates for analysing multiple cells simultaneously or independently. This high throughput helps researchers accelerate their work by measuring different aspects of cell behaviour in parallel – reducing the consumption of valuable resource and saving invaluable time.

  • Continuous real-time cell monitoring

When studying cellular behaviour, you need to see what's happening over time. Monitoring the way cells die through continuous observations is vital for collecting the kinetic and phenotypic information needed when studying time-sensitive cellular events and long-term experiments. AtlaZ captures all this vital information continuously and in real-time.

  • Label-free analysis

AtlaZ eliminates the need for intrusive dyes or markers commonly used in cellular analysis. This helps preserve the cells’ integrity, reduce artifacts, and facilitate more natural observations – enabling purer, more accurate observations. 



  • Raw data output

Measuring more information about cellular activity more quickly is just the beginning. AtlaZ then offers more flexible ways to then access and analyse that data, to help foster new discoveries. It has preset data modes for ease and convenience, but also the option for raw data output which provides researchers with the most unaltered and unbiased information.

  • And it’s user-friendly too

Good tech only becomes great when it’s also easy to use. AtlaZ’s intuitive interface helps simplify every operation, making it accessible to researchers across disciplines – including automated analysis and data visualisation tools, to help interpret the richer information it sees and records.


  • Collaborative possibilities

Because it is such a versatile platform, AtlaZ helps promote interdisciplinary collaborations whereby researchers from diverse fields can all leverage the device for a wide variety of innovative research projects.


We see a great future for AtlaZ

The potential for AtlaZ to help reshape cell analysis and those implications for scientific progress is almost limitless. AtlaZ is already helping to uncover new insights, drive breakthroughs and accelerate research timelines. If you’d like to learn more about AtlaZ's capabilities and how it can help you be at the forefront of cellular analysis, we can’t wait to talk with you.

Because we can’t wait to see what you will see with AtlaZ.