SLAS 2024

When: 03.02. – 07.02.2024

Venue: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Boston, MA, USA

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Meet the Nanion Team

Join Rodolfo Haedo (COO, Nanion Inc), Wyatt Hall (Director of Sales, Nanion Inc), and Ronlad Knox (Senior Business Executive) to learn more about our automated devices to research Ion Channels, Membrane Transporters, Pores and Nanopores, Cardiomyocytes and other cell types.

With our range of throughput capabilities, unprecedented flexibility, outstanding quality and world-renowned customer support, you can be rest assured that you will make the right choice.

Visit us at Booth #1284 to find out more about our instruments and for live demos.

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Join us at the exhibitor tutorial from Anatomic Incorporated

Session name: “Sensory Neurons, Motor Neurons, and More: Field-Tested Applications for hiPSC-Derived Cells”

Hosted by Anatomic Incorporated

Where: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Boston, MA, USA



8:30 AM – 8:40 AM: Vincent Truong – Anatomic Incorporated – “Novel Differentiation Protocols and Assay Development Strategies at Anatomic”
8:40 AM – 8:55 AM: Ronald J Knox – Nanion Technologies – “Characterization of mechanosensory and pain ion channel receptors on automated patch clamp”
8:55 AM – 9:10 AM: Raymond Price – Neuroservices-Alliance – “Patch clamp profiling the functional properties of human iPSC-derived nociceptors”
9:10 AM – 9:25 AM: Chelsey Derderian-LeBlang – Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – “Elucidating mechanisms underlying axonal degeneration in CIPN patient derived induced human sensory neurons”
9:25 AM – 9:40 AM: Larissa Butler – Charles River Laboratories – “Development of a Human Sensory Neuron Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) Assay”
9:40 AM – 9:55 AM: Patrick Walsh – Anatomic Incorporated – “Completing the Circuit: New Cell Types in the Anatomic Ecosystem for Modeling Advanced Biology”