TMEM175 screening on the SURFE²R

When: 20.07.2023, 15 – 16 h CEST

Venue: via Zoom


Webinar: TMEM175 screening on the SURFE²R

TMEM175 is a lysosomal ion channel playing a critical role in maintaining lysosomal pH and function, which is important for various cellular processes, such as autophagy, lysosomal exocytosis, and protein degradation. Dysfunctional lysosomes and impaired autophagy have been implicated in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease (PD), and studies have shown that modulating TMEM175 activity may have therapeutic potential for PD.

This webinar will focus on the screening assays of using Solid Supported Membrane-based (SSM-based) Electrophysiology on TMEM175 with Dr. Andre Bazzone and Dr. Adriana Bizzior as invited speakers.


Speaker 1: Andre Bazzone (Senior Scientist, Nanion Technologies)

Title of presentation: “Functional investigations on TMEM175, a lysosomal cation channel selective for H+ and K+


Speaker 2: Adriana Bizior (Senior Scientist, SB Drug Discovery)

Title of presentation: “Utilizing SURFE2R for lysosomal ion channel drug discovery”


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