Cell analytics

How well do you know your cells?

Cell analytics

Fast, label-free, and real-time cellular readouts such as impedance assays, extracellular electrical activity, and contractile force recordings, have proven to be excellent methods for monitoring cell activity, viability, and connectivity. When the cells adhere, proliferate, or die, they gradually prevent or enable the flow of electric current through the electrodes integrated into the culture plate, leading to impedance field change. The single and multifrequency impedance readouts recorded of planar gold-film electrodes reveal changes in cell adhesion and cell-specific structural changes. This provides valuable insights into various cell phenotypes, even over prolonged periods of time, with the crucial advantage of continuous cell monitoring. By uniting electrical, impedance, and contractile force readouts from the same electrically active and contracting cells, such as human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, both electrophysiological and mechanical cellular phenotypes can be investigated.

Human physiology and disease models in a dish available for everyone

Combining multiple readouts, preferably from the same cell populations, allows for a deeper understanding of physiological and pathophysiological processes, simultaneously mimicking in vivo environments in a dish. Using hiPSC-derived cells, as in vitro models, not only opens the door to personalized medicine, but also allows for the investigation of human cells, and reduces animal use significantly.

Sophisticated solutions for cardiac research

Fundamental insights into the electrical and mechanical dynamics of the human heart can uncover the complexity of cardiac disease. CardioExcyte 96 offers a unique experimental constellation, uniting readouts of both electrophysiological and mechanical cellular phenotypes from the same cells. FLEXcyte 96 transforms traditionally limited cardiac contractility approaches of the Langendorff Heart into a cutting-edge modern high-throughput technique operating on a unique flexible substrate, mimicking in vivo-like environment.

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